Develop An Idea Into A Business

Looking through endless easy to compile lists will do nothing but give you false herrings.  You need an organic way to imagine and develop relevant business ideas tailored to what you want and what you can do.More

Customer Research And Artificial Intelligence

Marketing has always been chasing after understanding individuals to better match products and services.  The Customer research pursuit is reflected in some fundamental ideas of management, such as Herzberg’s Maintenance and Motivation factors, X,Y, and Z managerial perspectives and more.  There was a big integration of psychology and adoption of their early survey techniques to…More

Marketing Philosophies

You have your store set up and your products or services are being sold, but are your customers satisfied?  Could you provide excellent customer service in such a brute force manner, that it deters scams, or convinces customers to be easy on their review? My friend who sold on Amazon, is currently at 98% satisfactory…More