Associate’s Programs Business Ideas

Entrepreneurial Knowledge There are two sources where you can learn useful skills to use in your entrepreneurial efforts.  Through the results of work, employment, and internships or an education center, college, or school.  Colleges offer programs that can lead to certificates or degrees to educate, train and provide a useful labor force.  Some companies work…More

Hardware Store Business Ideas

Premise The hardware store sells so many tools to change and maintain a house or property.  They provide so much home improvment items that our small team was inspired for small business ideas that we ended up making a list of all the entrepreneurial opportunity available, you could make a service around these topics buy…More

Business Ideas From A Phone Book

Legend Business Outline PDF Disclaimer Please do not consider this an all inclusive resource.  Please make sure you are abiding by all accounting, legal, Federal, State and local regulations before commencing business operations. Phonebooks Before the internet, the phonebook was the way to find information on where, what and any contact info for a business…More


Put On The Polish Good manners are increasingly becoming the standard in corporate America.  As professions become more competitive individuals and groups with the most shine make it to the top.  It must become 2nd nature to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in today’s work environment. [An update on Etiquette has been planned for…More

Entrepreneurship Versus The Organizational Climb

Organizational Climb There are two paths to success in business.  The first path towards success in business is being part of an organization, where responsibility and wealth is divided many times and shared among members of the organization.  Organizations are known for creating specialized skills with each member to excel at a specific operation, while…More

China Producers Receive Countervailable Duties

Regulation Wednesday morning saw the Department of Commerce confirm an investigation request into possible countervailable duties received by Liaoning Zhongwang Group Ltd.  Lioyang Zhongwang Aluminum Profile Co. Ltd.  After a review, it was found that these producers and exporters of Aluminum extrusions, out of The People’s Republic of China did receive countervailable duties. Explanation A…More

General Personal Budget

Budgets Check Out Our Free Budget PDF. I have read advice and blogs trying to merge accounting principles with budgets for an individual.  So far these attempts seem to go over reader’s heads, so I am offering something I kept from my attempt at this for my own budget. For a Simple Budget, Keep Record of:…More

Make Money Online

Goal This is an attempt to eventually be a deep analysis (with a scheduled update every month) of methods to make money online.  In this article we hope to learn… How Does It Work What Do I need to start How Much I Could Make When available will post links to websites where you can…More

Develop An Idea Into A Business

Looking through endless easy to compile lists will do nothing but give you false herrings.  You need an organic way to imagine and develop relevant business ideas tailored to what you want and what you can do.More

Business in Another Country

Foreword Starting a business in another country is no easy matter.  Remember that every business is an investment started by someone, that will require constant reinvestment, you can never get lazy as you are your businesses’ alpha and omega.  Invest time, effort, and tons of research into your business idea. Each country has different accounting…More