FTC Has Meetings Regarding Competition and Consumer Protection

Regulation Changes in the economy, changing business strategies, innovative technologies, and international developments are main reasons behind the laws for consumer protection, and economic policies.  The Federal Trade Commission is asking for commentary from consumers, commercial representatives, economists, legal representatives, academic members, and additional interested parties into relevant topics around it's findings of consumer protection. … Continue reading FTC Has Meetings Regarding Competition and Consumer Protection

Complaints Against Lithography Machines

Regulation The International Trade Comission has received a complaint against the respondents (defending parties), Nikon Coporation of Japan, Nikon Research Corporation of America of Belmont, CA; and Nikon Precision Inc. Of Belmont, CA.  The complaint surrounds certain Lithography machines, components or systems that allegedly violate section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 from the … Continue reading Complaints Against Lithography Machines

Small Scale Natural Gas Export Opportunity

Regulation The Department of Energy (DOE) revised regulations today effective August 24th, to expedite receipt and processing of applications and approvals for limited volume exports of natural gas, to countries not already obliged by another trade agreement or regulation.  An emerging market was recognized in its export of small volumes of natural gas from the … Continue reading Small Scale Natural Gas Export Opportunity