Entrepreneurship Versus The Organizational Climb

Organizational Climb

There are two paths to success in business.  The first path towards success in business is being part of an organization, where responsibility and wealth is divided many times and shared among members of the organization.  Organizations are known for creating specialized skills with each member to excel at a specific operation, while also fostering unity, competition and cooperation within a team.

Organizations need higher volumes in order to provide for all their members.  It is easier for organizations to achieve this though because many members have divided responsibilities that help for a business to have complex operations everyday.

Large organizations have a big responsibility in the United States.  They are expected to give workers with seniority, rewards and gratitude for spending so many years working for the company.  The United State faced industrialization and came out with good ethics in the end,  many government agencies work to constantly establish a respectful and safe-human focused workplace environment.  It is very desirable to be part of an organization as you can make lifelong friends and can expect a good support throughout your life with the company.


The Second path is where the responsibility and wealth is placed on an individual aiming to create a new value proposition.  This is the essence of entrepreneurialship.

There is a risk to being an entrepreneur, as the responsibility lies on one to find success and sustainability for their venture.  Success is not guaranteed and failure is costly.  When you choose to work for an organization that has passed the start up/entrepreneurial phase; you are eventually part of an organization that is operating at a profit, providing the support for many productive members of the organization.  As an entrepreneur, you need to build or buy a business.  You then need to make it sustainable.

As an entrepreneur, you will not receive benefits and even a wage at first.  The goal is to create something sustainable.

Entrepreneurs usually start a business because…

  • They want to make their own decisions and not subject themselves to an authority
  • Put to work some experience they have collected
  • Work for themselves and create something of value
  • Retain majority of profit share

Being an Entrepreneur or a Successful Business Owner has been explained as successfully figuring a solution to the five controlling factors behind value proposition.

  • Land
  • Labor
  • Capital
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge

Land – refers to natural resources, mainly important for manufacturers who need raw materials to create products.

Labor – refers to human talent.  Your team should be organized, inspired, talented and motivated.  People are an important resource as we establish relationships and are motivated to compete for the success of our team.  Our view of labor may change soon as automation continues to replace people in our commercial environment.  The People of the best organizations will be important as we make the collective decision to support convenience over compassion.

Capital – includes anything that is needed in the production of goods.  Tools, Buildings, contracts, equipment, inventory, but not cash.

Entrepreneurship – all the capital, labor, knowledge and natural resources will not go far without an individual to find a way to bring all the factors of production together to propose value to others.

Knowledge – is important to organize, forecast, and manage a firm and all it’s efforts.  Most firms remain competitive with proprietary knowledge.  Production needs to effectively use knowledge.

Overall the environment that surrounds commerce and businesses will either support or deter business operations.  This is why many countries vary in wealth even though they may have an abundance of the above factors of production.  It is important on the entrepreneur to bring the factors together to make a new value proposition and make it sustainable.

We start from modest beginnings but continue to identify, develop, and research opportunity and strategy for entrepreneurs, to better develop business ideas.


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