Personal Development Tools

We should each wonder to ourselves, how we can reach our highest level personally as a leader. How can we manage how we interact with family, customers, employees, media, the government, or other organizations with the best effort we can personally give for success. Reaching a level of personal development in this way will benefit…More

Accounting Basics

Role The Role of Accounting is to create an information system that provides reports to users about the economic activities and condition of business. Goals Identify Internal and External Users Executives, Managers, Employees, Customers, Regulators, Creditors, Investors, Sponsors, Service Provider, Competitor Assess information needs Managerial or Financial Accounting Design the accounting information system to meet…More

Tax Policy In Fiscal Year 2021’s Exit

House Representatives Bill 3684 Digital Assets The Bill suggests to treat Digital Assets as a specified security as in Section 6045(g)(3)(B); a digital representation of value recorded on cryptographically secured distributed ledger or similar technology specified by the Secretary. Respective to any transfer; Brokers who manage an account need to make a return during any…More

Career Planning

Is a practice of planning an employment pathway in consideration of abilities, interests, responsibilities towards an ultimate career goal. This helps us to make a number of related jobs sum up to a career rather than being back and forth between jobs. A strategic guide that helps through short, medium, and long term goals between…More

Simple Personal Finance Budget

Want to make a personal budget, but have no idea where to start? For a Simple Budget, we keep track of income and expenses. Expenses include fixed and variable costs and will have allotments set aside for those expenses. The Two Cost Types Fixed Costs – These are the bills that do not change, or…More

Business and The Art of War

A Brief into The Art of War The Art of War is a classical reading for military strategists. It is either authored by a general named Sun Tzu (Wu) or a compilation of authors of the period within the Eastern region. The short book outlines foundational strategy for private military operations. The book goes over…More

2021 Banking Committee Annual Oversight with Bank CEOs

Adam Smith’s free market concept of the invisible hand describing the unseen market forces at work was challenged in the Banking committee’s testimony with Major Bank Chief Executive Officers (CEO/s). Layoffs, credit default swaps, purchase of residential property by businesses; all market forces influenced by actions from businesses or banks not by the market inferred…More

2021 Hearing on U.S. Investment in China

A Hearing was held March 19, 2021 in regards to United States (US) Investment in China. The main concerns include Chinese Co-option of traditional private sector enterprise as well as their domestic political economy that creates systemic risk and is dangerous to open-market economies. Progrm Diretor CADSA Jasn Artenbrn starts with a brief description of…More

Community from Jean Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract

Community in Business John Rousseau in his work describes a community as a collection of individuals with a shared interest. Individuals are individuals outside any specific community but within any, individuals can be members of many communities. Communities can enter into engagements with others and it is assumed the community can not alienate a portion…More

Updated Owner Compensation Calculation of Paycheck Protection Program

THIS IS NOT LEGAL ADVICE.  THIS IS COMMENTARY ON REGULATION. Regulations can be a source of opportunity, as they make a major part in the determination of barriers to entry.  An industry or practice is difficult to enter if there is a significant amount of regulative procedures and requirements, versus when restrictions are removed an…More