Customer Research And Artificial Intelligence

Marketing has always been chasing after understanding individuals to better match products and services.  The Customer research pursuit is reflected in some fundamental ideas of management, such as Herzberg’s Maintenance and Motivation factors, X,Y, and Z managerial perspectives and more.  There was a big integration of psychology and adoption of their early survey techniques to…More

Problems FBA Sellers Face

Foreword So I have seen many articles claiming opportunity in the Fulfillment By Amazon or Merchant programs.  I have worked for a seller of multiple selling channels, and I am outlining my experience as a piece for your research. Common Day to Day Issues Fraudulent Returns – It is known that Amazon and eBay accept…More

Market Research

Market research is a systematic approach to creating quality decision making for marketing departments.

A Market Research Report requires that you plan, collect, and analyze data.  More

Merchandise Plan

Merchandise Planning (Demand and Inventory Management) is the act of observing the actual and planned amounts of Inventory and Sales to create efficiency, in supplying demand.More

Strategic Supply Chain Management

Finding Supply Chain solutions to enhance the viability with your business is crucial first begin by observing the business as a consolidated supply chain. Here are a basic outline.

Value Creation

Value Creation can occur out of any situation for multiple parties benefit. Read this growing observation of how value has been created already, and think about how you could create value with your prospective venture.More