Business Ideas From T.V. Shows

Premise Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and others have changed the way we watch “television” today.  As you watch your favorite shows you might not have noticed all the small business ideas nestled in each show.  As I was watching some of these shows, I started to pick the ideas out in each episode,…More

Welded Line Pipe From Korea Review Amended

Explanation 22 companies received a antidumping margin of 16.58.  SeAH Steel Corporation (SeAH) has  alleged Department of Commerce have a ministerial error in creation of some calculations around manufacturing costs behind some sales in the United States.  The order is over subject merchandise of welded line pipe International Trade Administration.  The final results are being…More

Russia World Trade Organization Implementations Assessment

Regulation The United States Trade Representative (USTR) will have a public hearing and comment to assist in it’s preparation of the Annual Report to Congress regarding Russia’s Obligations as a Member of the World Trade Organization.  On December 2012, consent was given to apply the World Trade Organization agreement between the countries of the United…More

Complaints Against Motorized Vehicles

Regulations The International Trade commission has received a complaint against certain Motorized Vehicles and Components Thereof.  The complaint alleges Tariff ACt of 1930 section 337 regarding the importation into, sale for, and sale within the United States of certain motorized vehicles.  The respondents named are Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd of India and Mahindra Automotive North…More

Qualified Business Income Deduction

Regulation The Internal Revenue Service is proposing amendments to section 199A.  This section provides a deduction up to 20 percent of business income from a business or trade in a domestic United States market.  Proposed regulations seeks to provide anti-avoidance, computational, and definitive guidance towards the application of a qualified business income deduction.  The proposed…More

Business Ideas From Tariff Investigations

Disclaimer Please make sure you comply with all Federal, State, Local, Agency, Financial, Legal and Commercial regulations before commencing business operations.  Please consult and comply with all Agency (including EPA) Regulations before commencing commercial activity with any chemicals.  We are not responsible for loss stemming from your negligence to follow regulations, or establish safe work…More

Automated Driving Systems

Explanation The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration holds a public listening session this Friday, to ask for information around the design, development, testing, and integration of automation driving systems in commercial vehicles.  On August 24th, 2018 in Dallas Texas, all participants with interest will have opportunity to comment, share data and introduce analysis on the…More

Rescinded Reviews Over Stainless Steel Sheets

Commercial Development The Requested Administrative Review of Antidumping Duty Order (ADO) on imported articles of Stainless Steel Sheet and Strip originating from People’s Republic of China’s between September 2016 – March 2018 has been rescinded by Department of Commerce. Hans-Mill Corporation and C.Y. Housewares (Dongguan) Co. Ltd, were the entities that requested the Administrative Reviews of…More

Inflation and Business

Inflation A general rise in the prices of goods and services over time is the process of inflation.  Inflation is a balance between the availability of money, goods, and services.  An imbalance of the money supply and goods or services can cause higher inflation.  Inflation matters to businesses because they need to react to the…More

4 Product Strategies

Consider a Few Decisions What kind of people do you want to meet and be around.  What are your interests, or what is important for the people you are trying to serve.  you have probably already answered these questions and know what kind of business to start.  Before you start buying inventory you should know…More