Interest Focused Business Ideas


We have compiled a list of interests, then we offer at least three business ideas that could focus on these interests.

Interest (examples of current leaders in subject area)

  • Ideas for business offering


Please do not consider this an all inclusive resource.  Please make sure you are following all accounting, legal, Federal, State and local regulations before commencing business operations.

Please look at this list and really gauge what opportunities are available to you, and if you do not find one that is in something of interest; please consider how you could use your interest to start a business like any of these on this list.

Good business ideas come from creative thinking, and the best ideas are relevant to you.  Keep your mind open, do your homework, and be passionate in whatever you do.


  • Website about recipes and projects
  • Cookbook of specific types of recipes
  • Cooking classes (in person or online) of a specific cultural or ingredient based focus
  • Brick and mortar / ecommerce shop of specialty produced or procured products

Business Concepts

  • Website to offer consultations
  • Classes for business and management
  • Services for growing and sustaining business

Business Review

  • Review Commentary of Business Actions


  • Books – about self development principles
  • Classes and Seminars – to learn self improvement
  • Website – self development articles and products.

Music Streaming

  • Website of news in music streamed
  • Licensed Download portal
  • Licensed Compilations Producer

Music Lyrics (Songgeek, A-Z Lyrics, Genius)

  • Lyric commentary website (Blog)
  • Licensed Lyric Website
  • Licensed Biography or Book producer

Landscaping / Gardening

  • Landscaping and Gardening Services Per Visit, or Per Month
  • Retailer of Products
  • Website
  • Production of Decorative or Maintenance products/tools
  • Book

Plants (Pinterest, Nursery sites)

  • Plant Retail and Care Service
  • Retailer of Products, and supplies
  • Website in techniques and supply
  • Production of Decorative or Maintanence products/tools
  • Book of techniques, research and specified maintenance

Food Reviews (Yelp, Pinterest)

  • Food and Restaurant Reviews blog
  • Travel Food Reviews blog

Financial News (Yahoo Financial, CNN, Internet Explorer, MSN, News Departments like Fox Cavuto, Mad Money)

  • Service of consultations
  • Portal for instructional materials
  • Website regarding news in the industry
  • Production of Decorative or Maintanence products/tools
  • Book regarding research or magazine about news

Stock Market (Yahoo Financial, CNN, Internet Explorer, MSN, Robinhood, Seeking Alpha, Motley Fool)

  • Broker Service
  • Retailer of instructional, research materials, predictive or useful software
  • Website of news, research, and product reviews.
  • Production of Decorative or Maintanence products/tools
  • Book of instructional, research material

Investing (Investopedia, Entrepreneur)

  • Investing or fund management service
  • Retailer or teaching of instructional or research Products
  • Websites regarding news reviews and scenarios
  • Production of relevant financial products

Blogs (WordPress, Other Registrars)

  • Service of consultations
  • Produce content for blog
  • Online how to guides and books
  • Retail educational or instructive material

Movies (Fandango, Atom, Theater Websites)

Popular Personalities and Events (Time, Forbes, Other Media Outlets)

News (including of all territories)

  • Service of reporting news in around a geographical area, or around a specific subject
  • Production of news reporting equipment and set ups.
  • Online sites of news commentary around a particular idea of interest, or stories developing.
  • Retail of magazine or otherwise a collection of original stories or news commentary


  • Portraiture Services, artist for hire
  • Production of art for sale, commissioned pieces of art
  • Online blog with commentary on art
  • Retail eccommerce shop of art produced, or acquired, or otherwise collected.


  • Reporting sports news and results Service
  • Production of sporting events
  • Online news and score service
  • Retail sports memorabilia, documentary, analysis

Movies / TV Shows

  • Licensed video streaming service, movie / TV rental shop,
  • Production film company
  • Online video / TV commentary, review, magazine
  • Movie collection sales storage, and rental service

Events (Ticket Master, Live Nation, Stub Hub)

  • Online event commentary, schedule, ticket resale services

Celebrities (TMZ)

  • Online commentary, news service
  • Memorabilia Collection and resale service
  • Licensed Fan Art production, merchandising


  • Cover band, actor, stagehand service, manager and organizer of entertainment events or groups
  • Production of equipment for entertainment
  • Management service for band’s or actors
  • Online commentary, review, recommendation, or streaming service of commissioned content
  • Licensed retailer of merchandise for a band, actor, or entertainment group


  • Consultation Services
  • Production
  • Online
  • Retail

Occupational (BLS, Glassdoor)

  • Staffing Agent
  • Website or production of o

Job Search (Indeed, SnagAJob)

  • Website of job search website

Band Groups

  • Band Commentary, research of technique
  • Song lyrics and play lessons
  • website of covers for a musicians portfolio


  • DIY Project Blog
  • DIY Supply
  • DIY Book of Projects, Ideas and Techniques

Home Decor

  • Blog of Home Decor Projects and Commentaries
  • Home Decor Supply store and designs
  • Home Decor Magazine or Techniques

Humor and Comedy

  • Humor and Comedy Blog of commentaries and reviews
  • Humor and Comedy literature and biography

Food and Drink

  • Restaurant
  • Blog of recipes and projects
  • Books or Magazines of Food and Drink recipees


  • Personal Apparel Shop
  • Fashion Blog


  • Retail Store
  • eCommerce Selling tech
  • Blog of reviews and commentary of technology

Travel Outdoors, Camping and Word

  • Travel Supply
  • Travel Blog
  • Travel Guides


  • Fitness Small Gym
  • Specialized Fitness Practice Facility
  • Fitness Blog
  • Fitness Literature
  • Fitness Biography

Tattoos and Body Enhancements

  • Blog of tattoos and body enhancements, designs
  • website portfolio of your tattooing talent


  • Book or other readable media of Special Commentary regarding quotes related to a specific concept
  • Biography Book


  • Animal Supply Store
  • Animal hospital
  • Informative Literature on animals


  • Pet Supply Store
  • Pet Lessons


  • Photography Supply store
  • Photography lessons
  • Photography portfolio blog


  • History commentary and research article website
  • History archive and collection

Workshop (including all possible materials)

  • Lessons of Working with a material
  • Retail of finished products from a material


  • Collection of Cars
  • Car Accessory Retail Shop
  • Car Modifications Commentary Review and Research

Hair and Grooming

  • Hair Grooming Store,
  • retail of grooming supply
  • website of hair grooming skill portfolio or techniques
  • retail of products, or lessons of hair grooming lessons

Franchises (Marvel, DC, Saw movies, Oceans movies, Jurassic Park)

  • Retail of Merchandise
  • Commentary and News about New Merchandise
  • Fandom Website
  • Merchandise Collection Viewing and Display


  • website offering services to animate for hire
  • website of animated material
  • retail of animated supplies
  • retail of products teaching animated materials


  • Small Aircraft production firm
  • website of aircraft construction, model commentary

Models and Hobbies

  • Retail store of parts, models, and kits
  • website of reviews, commentary or retail of hobby parts


  • Teaching Materials
  • Website of research and commentary in current use

Video Games

  • Website commentary, reviews or news
  • Retail games downloadable or physical copy


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