How To Check A $100 Bill?

I have been a teller at a bank for a year and a half now. There are a few ways one can check a $100 bill. Watermark Counterfeit marker test U.V. light test Texture (newer bills) Manual / Visual examination of bill Machine Test The most well known is a water mark test. This is…More

Stock Strategies – Product Launches

So the next Iphone model will be unveiled soon.  As an investor I am trying to decide whether or not to invest before the product launches. I have reservations though, due to the past time I invested in a company right before a product launch. This last time was right before the release of the…More

Business Plan Outline

Business Outline PDF Do you have an Idea for a business?  The first step towards starting a venture is to write a business plan.  You can have a personal one outlying all strategies and operations you imagined to develop idea, but your best work may need to be submitted to a bank for funding.  One…More