Put On The Polish Good manners are increasingly becoming the standard in corporate America.  As professions become more competitive, individuals and groups with the most shine make it to the top.  It must become 2nd nature to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in today’s work environment. [An update on Etiquette has been planned for…More

Entrepreneurship Versus The Organizational Climb

Organizational Climb There are two paths to success in business.  The first path towards success in business is being part of an organization, where responsibility and wealth is divided many times and shared among members of the organization.  Organizations are known for creating specialized skills with each member to excel at a specific operation, while…More

Funding for A New Business

Finance Finance describes the business function, to forecast and manage funds.   A large part about being successful in Finance includes always behaving ethically and being attentive to details.  Ethics drive a company when it takes financial liability to an investor from borrowing and must act responsibly in order to preserve its right and reputation, so…More

Cash Flow

Cash Flow Cash Flow describes the process of cash coming in and cash going out of a business. Imagine you bought a computer from a friend for $250 that you will pay at the end of the week.  You turn around and sell the computer to a friend for $400 that they will pay at…More

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is the process of analyzing long and short term cash flows to and from firm.  Forecasting and managing funds in order to optimize the firm’s profitability.  More

Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation is one strategy a firm can use to make its customers happy. It allows the firm to re-engineer its offering to customer’s liking. More

S.W.O.T. Analysis

A S.W.O.T. Analysis, is a report which helps find direction for growth and competitive actions. This Analysis requires a great understanding of the broad economy and the specific industry.  A successful report will accurately assess one’s own organization to others regarding relevant actions, efforts and participants.More

Market Research

Market research is a systematic approach to creating quality decision making for marketing departments.

A Market Research Report requires that you plan, collect, and analyze data.  More

Merchandise Plan

Merchandise Planning (Demand and Inventory Management) is the act of observing the actual and planned amounts of Inventory and Sales to create efficiency, in supplying demand.More

Strategic Supply Chain Management

Finding Supply Chain solutions to enhance the viability with your business is crucial first begin by observing the business as a consolidated supply chain. Here are a basic outline.