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In Alphabet’s Founders’ IPO Letter (4th paragraph last line), Google states that, “Serving our end users is at the heart of what we do and remains our number one priority.”  Into the long term future, Search Engine Optimization quickly are identify and rank content according to user experience.  Create, improve and research content to provide best user experience the best Search Optimization Strategy.

Google is on a mission to bring their end users to the best user experience in regards to their inquiry, and we can help do that together.  As your dedicated writing team; New Creative Solution can mold content to attract and catch the demand you supply, while constantly adding content to make your business the authority in it’s space.

Why We Blog:

You are a professional who works everyday to create and increase the value for your market, so you might not have the time to create a blog that can constantly tune itself towards your customers.

Search engines try to find results with the most authority for a given query.  Most companies do not have the time it takes to engineer content and constantly improve, so let us do that for you!

We do something very crucial, not yet fully understood.  We conduct extensive research into queries and target markets to better understand your demand.  Then, we create content to catch that demand.

According to, Google handles about 3.5 billion searches per day, worldwide.  How many of those could your business have served if it had a team that will dedicate itself to create and improve relevant content?

Our Content Creation Strategy:

  1. We identify and research your target markets, products future company goals and search traffic.
  2. Then, we design a content creation strategy and find the opportunities for success around your target markets and their queries.
  3. We constantly brainstorm new ideas for new and existing content and then create and maintain that content so it remains relevant to your products and target markets.
  4. We monitor your progress, propose improvements; and repeat!

Our Future:

We constantly study material from Google webmasters, and other information outlets to remain knowledgeable of Search Engine’s functionality and competitor content.

We are working with other marketing professionals to eventually handle social media accounts and organize promotional events.

We are working with translators to translate content into over 10 languages and more as they are added.

Upon successful domestic service with queries on Google, we will study other search engines.

Please Contact us if you are interested, and describe what you are looking for.

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