New Creative Solution

What We Do

At New Creative Solution, we are here to help develop individuals, start ups, and small businesses.  Our goal is to help you have established procedures and strategies, so your business or life has the most opportunity for success.  We specialize with Financial Planning

Financial Planning

We believe anyone can be in a good financial situation.  We work with you to first determine your goals, income, and costs; second, we assess your financial situation and work with you to establish financial controls to help you towards your goals.  With an email or phone number we can reach out to you every month or desired period and cheer you on, to reach a sustainable personal budget.  We have the specialty of making several types of reports including customizing ones, specifically to your needs.  We have made schedules for bill payments and bank balances.  We have made reports assessing a different goal, savings plan, and specific financial focus.  We have made reports assessing loans when refinanced.  We use business strategies and cash flow controls that can be relevant and useful for personal budgets.

  • Financial Planning
  • Financial Guidance
  • Personal Budgeting Controls

Bill Payment Schedule

If you have many bills to keep track of in a month, then you might find it hard to keep up with the deadlines.  We can create a weekly Bill Payment schedule that allows you to keep track of when your bills are due, using the 4 weeks in a month.  This plan helps you set aside the same amount every week, to pay your bills when they are due.  We have created this report as most of our customers have an account with direct deposit and automatic charges with their billing companies.  This report is meant to help you set aside the proper amount every week to pay your bills.  Assuming you make as much money as you need, you should find it difficult to forget which bill is which each week.

Income, Expense, Savings Report (IES Report)

The most important relationship to understand for a good financial situation, starts with your income, expenses, and savings.  We help you assess your financial situation, and understand your income, and expenses.  It is important to not let your expenses and income get ahead of you, as this is how a bad financial situation is born.  We help you plan for those expenses most often forgotten about, like recreational and personal.

Savings Goal Plan

Have a goal, but have a hard time meeting it?  We can help you with our Savings Goal Plan.  We work with you to find ways you can save for needed financial goals, time frames and savings amounts.  The fastest way to meeting a financial goal is to have a correct budget, not always a tight one.

Product Reviews and Lessons 

We routinely compare and review financial products, and share our experience to help inform your concerns.

Content Creation

We Identify and research your target markets, products and search traffic to design content for your website.  We then monitor and improve on your site’s content to bring more traffic.

Business Plan Coaching Program

For a one payment price you can join our Entrepreneur’s Business Plan Coaching Program.  We can help guide you and mentor you to develop your business idea into a business plan that better helps you understand how your business would have to react to market, so you better understand how to get your business going.  We could also help you develop your procedure manuals and strategies for success to establish organization.  We are an excellent first step on your entrepreneurial path.

Opportunities and Strategic Research

We identify, research and develop business ideas, opportunities and strategies for entrepreneurs.  We study the market leaders and the strategies they use, so that your operations can use those strategies too.  We are on top of new regulations to find opportunity for entrepreneurs, we can create and evaluate business plans or instructional materials for brick and mortar or eCommerce start ups and small businesses, we give weekly lists of relevant business ideas from our research into areas of interests for entrepreneurs.

Instructional Materials

We develop instructive material to establish procedures that successfully achieve a desired business strategy.  If you want Cash Flow you need to have good financial controls, this goes for any business strategy, if you want less mistakes with your employees ,we can make decisive instructional materials to consult and refer to proper plans of action for different situations.

We want to hear from you, what you are trying to achieve; we then develop a way to yield this strategy out of your operations.  We create instructional material to employ procedures to succeed in a specified business strategy.

Brand Equity Focused Marketing

We are developing marketing campaigns that focus on increasing brand equity.  If you do not have time to go out there and sell your product to people, hire us to!  We plan all of our marketing campaigns to increase brand equity, and consumer loyalty.  We find ways to allow customers to engage with your product in a way that will make them want more.  Our marketing events also come with research materials and reports assessing the effectiveness of the campaign and a report determining best plans of action thereafter.  These reports can assist in the event planning and give great access to business operations.  We feel a business can obtain so much value out of brand equity and we research specific ways to coordinate, develop, harness, and review brand equity.

We help you understand the responsibility of an entrepreneur, the basic management you need, and strategy to develop your unique value proposition. We take you from an idea to a finished business plan within a month.