4 Product Strategies

Consider a Few Decisions What kind of people do you want to meet and be around.  What are your interests, or what is important for the people you are trying to serve.  you have probably already answered these questions and know what kind of business to start.  Before you start buying inventory you should know…More

Interest Focused Business Ideas

Focus We have compiled a list of interests, then we offer at least three business ideas that could focus on these interests. Interest (examples of current leaders in subject area) Ideas for business offering Disclaimer Please do not consider this an all inclusive resource.  Please make sure you are following all accounting, legal, Federal, State…More

Turkey’s GSP Eligibility Under Review

Policy Impacts Rates The public is reminded that trade relations and international policy, have some relevant impact on currency exchange rates within the borders of the United States, but may find different rates in another country.  Rates may begin to return if resolutions are made. A notice of public hearing and an invite for public…More

Investigations into Corrosion Resistant Products from Taiwan

Regulation Development In a preliminary determination, The Department of Commerce found that mentioned producers and exports of subject articles sold subject articles at Less Than Normal Value.  Certain Corrosion Resistant Steel Products from Taiwan are under Administrative Review of the antidumping duty order. The review started in June of 2016 and lasted till June 2017. …More

Complaints Against Beverage Dispensing Systems

Regulation The International Trade commission of the United States of America (U.S)  has received a complaint submitted in behalf of Heineken International B.V. in August of 2018.  The complaint claims the respondents are in violation of The Tariff Act of 1930 section 337, referring to the importation into, sale for, and sale within post import…More

FTC Has Meetings Regarding Competition and Consumer Protection

Regulation Changes in the economy, changing business strategies, innovative technologies, and international developments are main reasons behind the laws for consumer protection, and economic policies.  The Federal Trade Commission is asking for commentary from consumers, commercial representatives, economists, legal representatives, academic members, and additional interested parties into relevant topics around it’s findings of consumer protection.…More


Put On The Polish Good manners are increasingly becoming the standard in corporate America.  As professions become more competitive, individuals and groups with the most shine make it to the top.  It must become 2nd nature to achieve and maintain a competitive advantage in today’s work environment. [An update on Etiquette has been planned for…More

LTFV Decorative Ribbon from People’s Republic of China

Explanation In a Preliminary determination; certain plastic decorative ribbon from the People’s is or likely to be, sold at less than a fair value within the United States. Once an investigation starts the first step is to establish scope, Commerce decided to exclude certain shredded plastic strips or plastic films with additional clarifying language.  Further,…More

Biorefining Loan Opportunity

Regulation Applications are being accepted as funds are made available by the Bio-refinery Renewable Chemical and Bio-based Product Manufacturing Assistance Program.  The program’s goal is to fund the construction, development, and retrofitting of commercial scale, processing and manufacturing equipment dependent, end-user producing bio-refineries.  Applicants are encouraged to consider projects located in rural communities as it…More

Changes to Some Antidumping Duties Investigations

Regulations Administrative reviews of antidumping orders have been changed by this Monday.  Of those administrative reviews that were changed, that of Glycine from People’s Republic of China, and Frozen Warmwater Shrimp from Thailand have been rescinded.  Laminated Woven Sacks from Socialist Republic of Vietnam had it’s Less Than Fair Value determinations postponed.  Fish Fillets from…More