Camping at the Sequoia National Forest!

I went camping finally!  Seriously though, I bought a tent last year and have not moved further toward the goal for the next year.  Then 1 day of planning, and $90 later;  I was ready to go.  I was going to camp somewhere close for a first trip but for some reason said screw it and went for the 3 hour plus drive.

The drive there was exciting!  Dry shrubbery, dry shrubbery, rocks, traffic; okay drive may have been uneventful but I was determined to keep this excitement till we got there!  The first weekend we were there, we stayed at Cold springs campground.  We got there and it seemed like all the campsites were taken.  We found this one that was odd.  Just enough space to park the car, but no obvious space to set up camp around the vehicle.  My girlfriend was going over directions for another campground, but I had a feeling about this site.

So I got out of my car and found this small trail looking path to the left of the food cache. (see first pic below)

Followed the path and there was this nice secluded space with a fire pit, tent clearing and table.

Now I almost did not go camping as my weather app was forecasting thunderstorms in the area.  In the end, still decided to go, but I was hoping it would not rain on our first night.  Lord behold, the thunder started around 1 a.m.  The thunder came loud and then a quick heavy rain followed.  As it started to rain, I remembered the Amazon review of my tent.  Someone said to buy seam sealant because when it started to rain, water came through their tent.  I did buy some seam sealant, but I forgot it on my dresser at home.  So as it started to rain and I am here thinking that the rain is going to start coming through; that night could have been a disaster.  Then to my surprise, the rain lasted 10 minutes, and it was done.

The rest of the nights went great, hiked along the trails, ate in the little town, visited the local museum.  After the three nights at Cold Springs; we stayed our last night at Dorst Creek campground; closer to the Sequoia National Forest.  Attended a star party up in the area, great informative and fun experience.

I will continue adding pictures as I find good ones.

But to close out this post here is the list of items we took.  I hope this helps other first time hikers.

First Time Hikers Necessities list:

Include the following but not limited to:

Please check your campgrounds website to see the fire danger levels, as rangers may make you put it out if the danger level is high.  (We were okay though because we were up a mountain; temperature was 70 degrees Fahrenheit but 100 down in the Three Rivers Town below). Also do your own research before you go, for example where we went you could cut your own firewood, but if we had not been able to; we would not have a campfire the first night.

-Ice Chest, plastic cutlery, paper plates, cups, paper towels, trash bags (op)

–First Aid kit, long stem matches and lighter fluid, mini saw to chop wood (most pocket knives have a usable one)

—Sunscreen, antibacterial or baby wipes, shower towels, hand sanitizer, map

—-flashlights, lanterns, spare batteries, portable phone chargers,

—–books, s’mores, food, pocket knife, board games.

——small bills cash ($5 for each shower, and $36 for 3 nights stay, no one to give you change unless near a shop)

around tree
So this is around the tree, taking the left path. I took the picture after the first night, so that is why the tent is set up.
trail right, campsite left
So to the Right is a trail, but to the left behind the tree is a small trail that leads to campsite

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