Stock Strategies – Product Launches

So the next Iphone model will be unveiled soon.  As an investor I am trying to decide whether or not to invest before the product launches.

I have reservations though, due to the past time I invested in a company right before a product launch.

This last time was right before the release of the Karma drone from GoPro.  I bought my shares right in the midst of the bubble.  October of last year at $14.95 a share.  I read reports that the process was going off without a hitch.  Then the day of launch, drones were pushed back and the community was patient.  A few more pushbacks and the chip manufacturer hold up, quick consumer returns due to drones falling from the sky; I sold all my shares at $9 recently.  I did not lose too much over the issue, taught me not to only look at reports of the company but also its supply lines.  A report of AMA would have set off my alarm sooner had I saw it.

Lessons learned:

1. Pay attention to companies involved in production when riding the wave behind a product launch.

2. Find an app or online collection of articles regarding stock news.  I now use SeekingAlpha and it helps give me so much insight, and I can look up stories about whichever stock very easily.

Disclaimer: I do not hold stock in any companies mentioned nor was I paid to mention any of the companies I mentioned here.  I have am not recommending any stocks; only discussing strategy and real experience.

Please do your own due diligence before investing.

I will update this post as more information is available.

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