Foreign Currency in 2017

Disclaimer:  Please do not consider this a full and all inclusive resource.  Please conduct your own further research.  I am not responsible for any gain or lost you incur and I am not recommending investment.  I have no investments in foreign currency at this time.

Large Political and Economical Policies have a heavy influence on Currency, affecting rates, and exchangability. A quick recap…
BREXIT was a withdrawal of the U.K. from a trade agreement between the European Union and The United Kingdom.  In consequence; The UK currency rate fell as special access to markets and distribution within the European Union was forfeited.
Indian Rupees saw the standard 500 rupiah note replaced with a new note having modern security features.  The old notes were replaceable for a small amount of time that has now passed.  For a small amount of time, INR was not being exchanged.
Qatar Riyals were temporarily not exchangeable as members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries,  (OPEC); engaged in policies that would restrain the economy of Qatar.  Most notable of these polices include strict land border security and airspace closure.



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