Determining Human Resource Needs

Human Resource needs begins with taking inventory of employees.

If you are stuck trying to find a business to start or a job with responsibilities that you enjoy; using this human resource technique can provide some insight.  Read about the process and come up with ideas of how you would take action following this perspective.

First step in determining Human Resource needs is a data collection, or a sort of inventory sheet of employees.  This collection of data includes ages, capabilities, certificates, education, names, and skills.

Second is a job analysis; a report outlining what responsibilities or duties are carried with specific titles.  This analysis results in two important documents: job descriptions and job specifications.  The description focus’ on the job; clearly defining the objectives, working conditions, and responsibilities regarding specific job titles.  The specification focus’ on ideal employee; outlines the minimum education and experience needed to perform in job function.

Third is assessing the need or path for future human resource development.  It is the job of the managers to preemptively prepare and train employees for the organization’s future requirements.

Lastly, these steps result in a series of internal strategic policies driving how an organization approaches the labor force regarding compensation, development, and recruitment.

You will encounter the results of this process when you apply for jobs.  Websites tend to list Descriptions and Specifications (Requirements), on job postings.  First focuses on what is expected of the person in this role, and the other; on the ideal employee.


What has been expected or required of you in previous jobs?  Could you make a descriptions and/or specifications page of previous roles which you enjoyed or excelled.  Try making one large sheet about yourself and see what goes good with each other and what kind of business opportunities, your personalized job specification and description page can show.

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