Customer Research And Artificial Intelligence

Marketing has always been chasing after understanding individuals to better match products and services.  The Customer research pursuit is reflected in some fundamental ideas of management, such as Herzberg’s Maintenance and Motivation factors, X,Y, and Z managerial perspectives and more.  There was a big integration of psychology and adoption of their early survey techniques to obtain data; marketing to this day has always been after a snapshot of the individual.

After reading the article, “Customer Sentiment Is Becoming a New Imperative: Sentiment and emotion analysis” published in CRM Magazine and written by Klie Leonard; I am persuaded that this pursuit will become very fruitful with the rise of Artificial Intelligence Technology.

CRM Magazine foresees the build of Artificial Intelligence to make a dramatic impact in how marketing departments conduct research.  The article focus’ more on the capabilities of reading consumer sentiment and being able to effectively account for it in marketing decisions.

I think this is so interesting, marketing services will be able to obtain data on who sees an ad, for how long, and in the future can bring more assurance than current methods to measure sentiment. The article mentions the furtherance of the technologies of computational power, data acquisition, and A.I. learning limits, will help center most marketing activities on accurate judgement of consumer sentiment.

The writer appoints the biggest challenges to this coming day in customer research, primarily being our understanding of human emotions, as it remains complex and has slightly different expressions between demographics.  Secondly, is a “fragmentation” in the marketing industry.  I do not agree about a lack cohesiveness between departments and teams today, but more so understand how technology can create more cohesion in regards to the acquisition, procession, and distribution of data faster than humans.

This technology will further strengthen the value proposition of creating the best user experience.  I am worried if we are given certain stimuli based on how we feel on a constant basis could erode at our ability to be empathetic or lack for a better word desensitize users near the engaged A.I. Sentiment marketing.

What if we had it now?

Retailers could rearrange layout to better identify “impulse purchases”

Retailers could prepare personalized experiences to customers before arrival.

Feedback systems would be more accurate, and further cementing their importance in business.

Works Cited.

Klie, Leonard. “Customer Sentiment Is Becoming a New Imperative: Sentiment and Emotion Analytics Are Poised for 3,000 Percent Growth.” CRM Magazine, vol. 22, no. 4, May 2018, p. 13.



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