Premerger Wait Periods Receive Early Termination


Usually businesses or persons in considerations of mergers or acquisitions that meet specified criteria, become liable to the Clayton Act, to give notice and wait for full designated period in order to complete the transaction.  This is no longer the case for over 100 transactions that were given termination of waiting periods, last Friday.
The Federal Trade Commission has exercise section 7A of the Clayton Act; the agency is permitted in individual cases, to terminate the waiting period required by premerger notification rules, and laws.  Today the FTC has terminated the waiting period for some transaction on specific dates, the transaction number and and the parties to the transaction have been released.  The grants come from the Department of Justice Antitrust Division’s Attorney General and the Federal Trade Commission.  The release mentions that neither agency intends to take an action at this time.
Some interesting transactions listed include Elon Musk with Tesla Inc.  Qurate Retail Inc and Marriott Vacations Worldwide Coloration,  Spectrum Equity VII L.P. and Lucid Software Inc, The Kroger Co. And Relish Labs, Carl C Icahn and Dell Technologies, Transunion and Iovation Inc, and many more totaling just above 100 transactions.

Why It Matters

Mergers and acquisitions are a sort of new start, or major development for companies.  In the investment world, stocks could change in value if the main company acquires a competitor or useful assets.  When Premerger wait periods become terminated they allow for things to move forward in a company.


Regulation Regular comments on actions of government agencies with an explanation and examination for stratagem or opportunity.

In an effort to find opportunity for entrepreneurial and investment efforts, I have begun to monitor more actions from governmental agencies regarding regulations.  This segment aims to highlight interesting developments in the business environment including competitors, regulations, or interesting occurrences.


Regulations can be a source of opportunity, as they make a major part in the determination of barriers to entry.  An industry or practice is difficult to enter if there is a significant amount of regulative procedures and requirements, versus when restrictions are removed an opportunity may be presented.  In this way we are doing our small part to encourage an informed people.

We start from modest beginnings but continue to identify, develop, and research opportunity and strategy for entrepreneurs, to better develop business ideas.

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