Wind Technology Dialogue Opening

Request for Information

Parties interested in energy and its viability, storage and grid integration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s National Wind Technology Center; will now have their chance to submit their comments.  The Department of Energy’s Requests for Information is open to public comment for those interested.  The request is hoped to open a dialogue with industry leaders and the public.  The Request for Information has the ambition to promote reply from academics, government agencies, industry leaders, and research labs into the development of the National Wind Technology Center.  This is only a request for information and is NOT AN OFFICIAL Funding Opportunity Announcement (FOA), no applications are being received by the EERE for any funding opportunity associated with this Information Request.

  • Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Viability
  • Research and Development Testing Needs
  • Necessary Equipment, Facilities and Infrastructure

Proprietary information and sensitive information disclosure is not advised, but if responses must include some business information deemed as sensitive, it must be clearly marked so.  Full Description would answer questions below.

  • Disclosed information should be described
  • Why information is customarily confidential
  • Whether information is known or available from other sources
  • Proof of a Precedent of an obligation of confidentiality to the specified information
  • Explanation of competitive injury from the public disclosure
  • Whether information would lose confidentiality to time
  • Why disclosure of information would not be in public interest.

Why It Matters

Dialogues between research, and businesses can help push the frontier of development of technology in the domestic market.  Research and Development can be helped with open and clear communications between developers and financiers.  Although this Request for information does not clearly bring up opportunities for financing, it allows parties to find understanding and a step closer to moving forward.

More Importantly, entrepreneurs in the United States should be ecstatic to learn that The Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Department has funding opportunities for specific types of programs.

Requests for Information (RFI) are used to obtain information to structure further actions into relevant programs.

Notice of Intent to Publish an FOA (NOI) – is the next step in process, when a program structure is somewhat defined.

Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOA) connect government agents, branches, or offices with applicants for the opportunity to finance relevant research, development, and other functions.



It is important for companies to be aware of the government opportunities and subsidies available to finance relevant projects around defined government programs.  The government can make finance available for specific projects that promote public interest or support the economy of the United States.  It is important that the government offers such opportunities to establish a direction for important industry.

We start from modest beginnings but continue to identify, develop, and research opportunity and strategy for entrepreneurs, to better develop business ideas.

This article was created as the Request for Information directs readers to opportunities available for relevant projects that are supported by government programs.

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