Changes to Some Antidumping Duties Investigations


Administrative reviews of antidumping orders have been changed by this Monday.  Of those administrative reviews that were changed, that of Glycine from People’s Republic of China, and Frozen Warmwater Shrimp from Thailand have been rescinded.  Laminated Woven Sacks from Socialist Republic of Vietnam had it’s Less Than Fair Value determinations postponed.  Fish Fillets from Socialist Republic of Vietnam are seeing antidumping duties being adjusted for specified entities.

GEO Specialty Chemical Inc. a domestic producer of Glycine had submit requests to Department Of Commerce, to review 5 companies for antidumping orders, but GEO Specialty Chemicals Inc. submit timely withdrawal of the requests.  Appropriate entries of Glycine from China will still receive the antidumping duties that were relevant to them.

Why Is It Important

Duties and fees on import raise prices for companies and consumers.  They can be opportunity to some domestic companies by making prices similar, but it raise needs for other companies to be more competitive.

Duties and fees can deteriorate foreign relations between countries, which is sad to see as good foreign relations have resulted in many beneficial outcomes for both participants.

Outsourcing and importing although take money out of a country; have the ability to finance and invest in the economy of another country or people and promote goodwill internationally.


Regulation Regular is commentary on regulations relevant to the commercial environment.  Regulations can be a source of opportunity as they make a major part in the determination of barriers to entry.  An industry or practice is difficult to enter if there is a significant amount of regulative procedures and requirements, versus when restrictions are removed an opportunity may be presented.  In this way we are doing our small part to encourage an informed people.

We start from modest beginnings but continue to identify, develop, and research opportunity and strategy for entrepreneurs, to better develop business ideas

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