Business Ideas From T.V. Shows


Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and others have changed the way we watch “television” today.  As you watch your favorite shows you might not have noticed all the small business ideas nestled in each show.  As I was watching some of these shows, I started to pick the ideas out in each episode, I eventually saw enough to make a list out of.

Please make sure you are complying with all accounting, legal, and other liabilities and regulations before commencing business operations.

All Illegal options are not considered of course, as we encourage following all laws.


Marvel T.V Shows (Daredevil, Iron Fist, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage) –

  • Law Practice,
  • Private Investigator,
  • Martial Art/ Spiritual Class Instructor,
  • Barber Shop owner,
  • night club owner/ event planner,
  • herbal remedies supply store
  • talk show host.

Lie To Me –

  • Special Practice Consultation around Masters degree or extensive education in a subject (in show he did deception investigator and specialist).

Parks and Recreation –

  • Italian food restaurant,
  • Equipment, Tuxedo, Uniform, or special event/ formal wear rental service,
  • Musician band or group.
  • Children’s Musican or Entertainment

Bob’s Burgers

  • Burger Restaurant,
  • Italian Food restaurant
  • Phone screen repair
  • General Handyman
  • Land lord

Saturday Night Live/ Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Oliver, Jimmy Kimmel Live, America’s Funniest Home Videos  –

  • Comedy venue,
  • comedy productions channel on YouTube, commedy blog, print, television, or other medium.
  • Comedy performance channel.

Jersey Shore – Reality TV Show

Super Store

  • Retailer
  • Comedy Blog

Empire – Recording Studio

Saving Hope – Lawn Mowing and Pool Cleaning service, Mattress store, maid and house cleaning service, masseuse, insurance salesman.

Home Improvement – Live Home improvement (or other interest) blog, project content.

Top Chef – Competition show based on cooking or other activity.

Bleach and Naruto – Anime Production for written or media streaming medium.

Drunk History – History reenactments either factual, or comedic.

House Hunters, Hoarders, Property Brothers, Small Business Revolution, The Profit, Shark Tank, Ramsey Hosted Kitchen Shows, Storage Wars, American Pickers, Mythbusters, Duck Dynasty, Undercover Boss, My 600 lb Life, Alaska the Last Frontier, Flea Market Flip, The Deadliest Catch, Beyond Scared Straight, The Great Food Truck Race,  What Would You Do, Night Watch, Wilderness Vet, Shark Week  – House Buying, cooking, culinary, hoarders, housing, entrepreneurial, antiques; reality show (or other activity/ subject based reality show)

Atlanta, Austin and Ally,  – Musician band or group

20/20, Viceland, First 48, Unsolved Mysteries, American Greed – Crime documentary and case commentary

Ghost Adventures, Dooms Day Preppers –  Production Company producing Documentary and Investigation material into Specified Subject Matter.

All Shows – Filmmaker, Television or Formatted Content Production Company

Flashpoint – Security Group

Ugly Betty, The Bold and The Beautiful – Fashion designer, apparel production company.

The Twilight Zone, American Horror Story, Tales from the Crypt,  – (genre specific) Situational Short Story Production Company

How It’s Made – Documentary around the production of certain products, or other educational material for informative or entertainment purposes.

The Next Step, Dancing with the Stars, So You Think You Can Dance – Dance themed reality show, Dance Studio for lessons into different styles

Robinhood – Fictional media production company.


  • theme park or entertainment experience service,
  • themed haunted house,
  • escape room

Arrested Development – real estate management and sales business

House of Cards – Political campaigns management or support, political support worker, lobbyists, activist

Breaking Bad – Carwash owner


So after seeing the ideas we came up with, we decided to rank them by areas of interest and in the spirit of show business turned it into an award event.

Most Interesting Idea

The most interesting ideas is left up to You!  Make your vote!

Top 5 Cheapest, and Easiest

For cheapest and easiest, I took into consideration equipment needed to start, if an education or certification was needed.  All these winning ideas could be started with a small amount of equipment and a website.

  1. Jessica Jones – Talk Show Host – Equipment, Marketing, and Website
  2. Late Night Talk Shows, All Comedy Shows – Current Event Comedic Content production company, or Comedic Content Producer for a blog, website, T.V., or streaming outlet.
  3. Home Improvement – Special Interest Blog/ Instructional Material Producer, Skills, Technical Experience
  4. Iron Fist – Martial Art/ Spiritual Instructor – Education of material is needed.  Insurance, certifications recommended
  5. Austin and Ally et al. – Musician Band/ Group – Equipment, arrange material, book gigs

Top 5 Most Difficult

For this award I took into account years of education needed, certification, experience needed, and difficulty for new entrants.

  1. Theme Park – WestWorld – Capital Requirement, insurance policies, building permits, hireing and training actors, designing rides, etc.
  2. Law Practice – DareDevil – Extensive time investment and Expensive tution for Education, BAR Exam, Job availability.
  3. Lie To Me – Deception Investigation or other Special Practice – Education, Legal Liability.
  4. Luke Cage – Nightclub Owner – insurance policies, security needs, alcohol license and insurance policies and land management.
  5. All Shows – Film Production Company – cost of props, actors, writers, getting streamed


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