Wind Technology Dialogue Opening

Request for Information Parties interested in energy and its viability, storage and grid integration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s National Wind Technology Center; will now have their chance to submit their comments.  The Department of Energy’s Requests for Information is open to public comment for those interested.  The request is hoped to open a…More

Forged Steel Fittings from Taiwan

Regulation The Department of Commerce has determined that forged steel fittings imported from Taiwan may have been sold at less than fair value in the U.S. market.  There were three respondents outlined in case, being accused of importing or producing the forged steel articles from Taiwan.  One respondent Kopex Industrial Co. responded with all required…More

U.S. Government Buys Online

Regulation It seems Uncle Sam wants 2 day shipping!  The General Service Administration is moving forward with a program to procure commercial items through eCommerce portals. The administration’s mission is to deliver value, savings and support services in acquisition, real estate, and technology for many of the government agencies and branches.  The GSA continuously aims to reduce difficulties in…More