Hardware Store Business Ideas


The hardware store sells so many tools to change and maintain a house or property.  They provide so much home improvment items that our small team was inspired for small business ideas that we ended up making a list of all the entrepreneurial opportunity available, you could make a service around these topics buy purchasing equipment and signing customers up for service, or a website publishing content!


If you are working on peoples property, you need a signed contract clearly expressing permission from rightful property owner to work on their property.  A work contract from a law practice can protect you from fraud, cancellation and legal liability.  You should go over deposits, cancellation policy, authorization to change property and waive liability.  Please do not start business operations without adherence to all legal obligations.

Please make sure you have all required federal, state, local and contractor licenses before commencing regulated commercial activities.

Lawn Care Service

If you buy a lawnmower, edger, weedwaker, shovel and rake; you have just enough items to spruce up a lawn.  You only need a truck to move the equipment, established routes and time estimates.  First step is marketing with specific neighborhoods, finding out who needs the service, to develop a route of lawns around your area.  Then you plan with the homes on what days you will come and do their lawns by appointment.  With every lawn you should charge by size, the time it would take and make sure the lawns do not need extra care beyond the edging, and mowing unless you charge extra.


With good skills and experience with a table saw, drill bit driver set, safety and other specialized woodworking equipment; you have all you need to start making things out of wood.  You can make content about projects or offer your services for patrons to commission artistic, home objects and furniture.  In order to do this, you need the equipment and the skill to create some end-user products out of wood.  You then need to be able to create a catalogue to show people what you can do.  You can make cabinets, foot rests, furniture frames, shelves, jewellery boxes, tables, desks, chairs, and many other project ideas.

Sprinkler Repair Service

With some planning, design and irrigation knowledge; you can plan, design or repair existing sprinkler systems for people at their homes.  You will need more knowledge with water systems, and water lines to be able to get flowing on this project though.  Once you have that you can do some marketing to houses, finding out who needs a system or service of their system, meet with individuals to plan and design their system, then purchase equipment to build the system.  As you are doing significant work on someones property; you need an agreement signed by property owner authorizing you to do work on their property and ways of canceling the project mid-way, and resolution to problems, including refunds, cancellations, etc.

Floor Tiling Design and Installation

For this entrepreneurial opportunity, you need to know how to tile floors, remove old floors and be able to properly dispose waste.  You need a contract in this business as well as you are working on someone’s property, and to protect yourself from fraud, cancellation and legal liability.  You create a catalogue of what you can do, meet with homeowners, plan their floor, get a contract outlining payment solution, schedule, and floor.

Backyard and Patio Design

There are many patio sets available and customers might like help with designing a patio and floor set up.  Different colors and tile patterns can really make a lawn stand out and a great experience for homeowners.  Once again you are doing work on peoples property so make sure you have a contract defining the terms and steps for cancellation, deposits, etc.  You have to market to neighborhoods find potential customers, design and choose supplies for flooring, and furnishings.

Interior Design Service

Some hardware stores have many appliances, and materials for customizing rooms in a house.  You can do some marketing, find homeowners who want to redesign a room in their house.  Help them find a feel they are looking for, take payment to procure those items, and install those items in the home.  To make a profit you would have to charge a fee that pays you some amount for your time that makes it worth the efforts.  You could also have a seperate appliance set up and installation service.


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