DIY Business Ideas


In honor of all the Do It Yourself (DIY) projects out there, we wanted to find projects where you can make products you could produce and sell!  You could make them in bulk of quantities of 50 or more and see how they sell!  These projects vary in skill and time to produce, SO ONLY ATTEMPT WHAT YOU FEEL YOU CAN DO.  With that here are the ideas!

  1. Wire Headband Maker 
  2. Chain Frame Wooden Shelf – There are so many different ways you can design different shelves.  If you have experience with woodworking or metalworking; you have so many different ways you can customize raw products to make a great adition to someones house by helping them make a custom shelf.
  3. Leaf Print Towels and Napkins – Small items like paper napkins and towels are cheap enough to buy in bulk and can be easily designed.  Dollar stores, and retailers have made their own brands in some of these product categories.
  4. Barstool Covers
  5. Seasonal or Holiday Decorations and Cards – this is by far one of the best ideas as the majority of DIY projects center around different holidays.  Holiday DIY items are also cheaper to make.
  6. Christmas Ornaments
  7. Christmas Door Decorations
  8. Christmas Wreaths
  9. Thanksgiving Wreath
  10. Unique Costumes Ideas – There is actually significant opportunity here for professional costume creators, as such a business could design costumes for Halloween or production companies.
  11. Industrial Side Tables
  12. Vintage Wine Racks – You can make designs of wine racks and posts pictures of your projects for customers to see and order for their wine.
  13. Paper Chandelier
  14. Popsicle Maker, Special Popsicle Wholesaler – You can make specialty popsicles to sell from a cart, or to sell to stores and cart owners.
  15. Flower Coasters Producer
  16. Stitch Wood Coaster
  17. Crochet Housewares
  18. Decorated Phone Cases – is another great option as they have a low cost of production, and are lite enough to be mailed.  They could also be saved on the computer as designs and printed on a blank case.
  19. Dry Clay Projects
  20. Custom Hair Clips
  21. Small Scale House or Shed
  22. Home-wares Crafts
  23. Rainbow Roses Producer – You can reach out to wedding planners, or gift services to find a demand for painted flowers.
  24. Rhinestone Bracelets
  25. Because these can be customized; you can let customers know what is possible by making a few examples.  You then make the bracelets and send them out.  You just have to make sure they are good quality and are safe with no dangerous defects.
  26. Cork Coasters
  27. Bows for Gifts – There is a significant amount of opportunity for holiday decorations and gift wrapping accessories.  Dollar stores buy many holiday decorations, and a good plan to deliver a great decoration can go pretty far.  Imagine making packs of interesting or unconventional bows for gifts.  Some have sold bows made out of leather, plastic, ribbon, flexible plastic and materials of different designs.
  28. Gift Gold, Silver Letters
  29. Small Baked Goods Pouches – Bake small goods to put in pouches.  Just make sure your food is good and respects all regulations for public health
  30. Flower Wreaths or Crowns
  31. Boulder Walls Service – This was one of our favorite projects and many hardware and home improvement stores sell the materials you need.  Make sure you have the know how and have some document acknowledging the transaction of payment for your services and giving you permission to work on someone’s property.  Please make sure you have a contractors license if attempt this type of work.
  32. Brick Path Service
  33. DIY Backyard Games – some games can be made with a small amount of materials.  Whether it is a game of toss with a raised board of wood and beanie packs for a game of toss.  Or a set of materials to set up in the backyard.
  34. Herbal Scrubs – with enough research into natural herbs and therapeutic remedies can give enough information to create some scrubs for spa treatment.
  35. Garden Fixtures

Although certain DIY projects may not lead to a business, but can get you towards a deeper understanding of pushing products through production.  If you find a product

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