Business Ideas From The Mall


So we thought, a good place to find business ideas would be to look at where the most successful collection of shops are in one place.  The malls in the U.S. take on some impressive volume of customers everyday.  They are definitely up there as one the most competitive environments for businesses.

Most malls have an overwhelming amount of retail stores.  We will post results of surveys of malls in our area, regarding the value proposition.

A difficulty to keep in mind, it is much easier to start with a kiosk, based on one product, group of products or a cateogry.  If successful or if you have more starting capital; you may be able to supply products for a whole store.  A kiosk is the best though at starting and taking an idea to a proof of concept.

Cost of Goods Sold can be less for kiosks as it has less space, but makes so much more impressions than the popular retailers.  Some stores get people inside but do not make significat sales before the people leave.  You will have the advantage of all the eyes of the passerbys, even the ones that do not choose to walk up to your store.

If you are an entrepreneur, get out of the online craze, retailers are still happening.  It is about being at the right place at the right time, and a place where everyone goes to spend money is half of what you need for as a business goes.  Without further delay…

  • Clothes retailer
  • Bookstore and cafe
  • Children’s clothes retailer
  • Skate fashion, and boards retailer
  • Furniture Retailer
  • Shoe store
  • Movie theatre
  • Branded clothes retailer 
  • Athletic shoe retailer
  • Women’s apparel retailer
  • Cell phone service provider and retailer
  • Pretzel food kiosk
  • Category Retail kiosk
  • Juice and Snack restaurant
  • Perfume, lotion, and soap shop
  • Product Focused kiosk
  • Pizza Restaurant
  • Custom Product Development shop
  • Burger restaurant
  • Popular Merchandise Shop
  • Specialty apparel retailer
  • Target Market Focused Apparel Retailer
  • Sandwich restaurant
  • Sport merchandise
  • Dessert Restaurant
  • Coffee restaurant
  • Branded Footwear Retailer
  • Branded Apparel Retailer – this is one of the more popular options.  Most of the stores you see at mall are apparel retailers with a different brand name.
  • Entertainment Center for all ages.  This mostly means arcades but some malls have comedy halls, Gameworks, Dave and Busters.
  • International Retailer, stores like Daiso
  • Video Game Retailer – Gamestop
  • Jeweller
  • Nutrition Retailer GNC, Vitamin World
  • Ice Cream Shop
  • Hat Retailer – Hatz
  • Juice Restaurant – Juice It Up, Jamba Juice, etc
  • Specialized Restaurant – Rainforest Cafe, Johnny Rockets
  • Official Company Retailer Store – Crocs, Apple
  • Piercing and Jewelery – Claires
  • Lifestyle/Style Retailer – Pin Up Boutiques,
  • Lingerie Retailer – Pink, Victorias Secret
  • Hardware Retailer – Ace, Home Depot
  • Luggage and Travel Retailer
  • Watch Retailer
  • Vitamin Retailer
  • Beauty Product Retailer – Ulta, Sephora, many kiosks
  • Watch Repair and Retailer
  • Japanese Restaurants
  • Sunglass Retailer
  • Chinese Restaurant
  • Special Apparel Contruction Retailer – alterations, gown accesorizing, etc
  • Make Up Retailer – Ulta, Sephora, kiosks
  • Themed Restaurant – Hawaia, BBQ, etc
  • Eyebrow threading service
  • Hair Salon Service
  • Teeth Whitening Service
  • Cosmetics Service
  • Eyeglass Service
  • Phone Repair Service Kiosk
  • Videogame Entertainment Kiosk
  • Chocolatier Service and shop
  • Candy Kiosk
  • Photography Services
  • Special Engagement Dressing Retailer, Supplier
  • Travel Agency Service
  • Recruiting Service

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