What Does Foreign Currency Look Like?

20170827_190800So I am saving up bills from countries I visit and one day want to visit.  I would like to start collecting other bills as some currencies do not have small denominations.  I think a 500  or 50 would be good as most currencies have these denominations, although they may be more expensive to acquire.
Here is the 20’s collection so far, 12 in all.
Top row left to right
United Kingdom  (GBP)
Austrailia (AUD)
Switzerland (CHF)
Argentina  (ARS)
United States (USD)
New Zealand (NZD)
Bottom row left to right
Sweden (SEK)
European Union (EUR)
Kuwait (KWD)
Mexico (MXN)
Canadian (CAD)
Turkey (TRY)
One question I hear allot is, “what currencies are valued higher than the dollar?”
This means, for which currencies do I pay more than a dollar to acquire?
Ranking these bills from highest to lowest in value to the United States dollar will yield this list.
Kuwait Dinar
United Kingdom Pound Sterling
European Union Euro
Sweden Kroner
United States Dollar

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