China Slows Solid Waste Imports

Explanation Imports into China of solid wastes continue to decrease in the first half of 2018.  The government increases efforts to enforce a ban on imports of certain solid wastes.  Popular solid wastes for importation include plastic, paper and metal materials.  Some companies store the waste into the ground to process it naturally, through a…More

Exchanging Money For Vacation

So you got the transportation, the room, and the excitement, already to go!  Right?  Yet, the last thing most travelers think of, is the money they need to spend out there.  So how do you make the decision whether to exchange overseas or here at home? More

Customer Research And Artificial Intelligence

Marketing has always been chasing after understanding individuals to better match products and services.  The Customer research pursuit is reflected in some fundamental ideas of management, such as Herzberg’s Maintenance and Motivation factors, X,Y, and Z managerial perspectives and more.  There was a big integration of psychology and adoption of their early survey techniques to…More

Problems FBA Sellers Face

Foreword So I have seen many articles claiming opportunity in the Fulfillment By Amazon or Merchant programs.  I have worked for a seller of multiple selling channels, and I am outlining my experience as a piece for your research. Common Day to Day Issues Fraudulent Returns – It is known that Amazon and eBay accept…More

Foreign Currency in 2017

Disclaimer:  Please do not consider this a full and all inclusive resource.  Please conduct your own further research.  I am not responsible for any gain or lost you incur and I am not recommending investment.  I have no investments in foreign currency at this time. Large Political and Economical Policies have a heavy influence on…More

How To Check A $100 Bill?

I have been a teller at a bank for a year and a half now. There are a few ways one can check a $100 bill. Watermark Counterfeit marker test U.V. light test Texture (newer bills) Manual / Visual examination of bill Machine Test The most well known is a water mark test. This is…More

Stock Strategies – Product Launches

So the next Iphone model will be unveiled soon.  As an investor I am trying to decide whether or not to invest before the product launches. I have reservations though, due to the past time I invested in a company right before a product launch. This last time was right before the release of the…More

What Does Foreign Currency Look Like?

So I am saving up bills from countries I visit and one day want to visit.  I would like to start collecting other bills as some currencies do not have small denominations.  I think a 500  or 50 would be good as most currencies have these denominations, although they may be more expensive to acquire.…More