Wind Technology Dialogue Opening

Request for Information Parties interested in energy and its viability, storage and grid integration with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s National Wind Technology Center; will now have their chance to submit their comments.  The Department of Energy’s Requests for Information is open to public comment for those interested.  The request is hoped to open a … Continue reading Wind Technology Dialogue Opening

Forged Steel Fittings from Taiwan

Regulation The Department of Commerce has determined that forged steel fittings imported from Taiwan may have been sold at less than fair value in the U.S. market.  There were three respondents outlined in case, being accused of importing or producing the forged steel articles from Taiwan.  One respondent Kopex Industrial Co. responded with all required … Continue reading Forged Steel Fittings from Taiwan

U.S. Government Buys Online

Regulation It seems Uncle Sam wants 2 day shipping!  The General Service Administration is moving forward with a program to procure commercial items through eCommerce portals. The administration's mission is to deliver value, savings and support services in acquisition, real estate, and technology for many of the government agencies and branches.  The GSA continuously aims to reduce difficulties in … Continue reading U.S. Government Buys Online

Northwest Fishery Science Center Incidental Fish Taking Approved

Regulation The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association issued a notice alerting that The Northwest Fishery Science Center has issued regulations on the unintentional taking of marine mammals that incidentally happens from research conducted by fisheries.  The plan anticipates unintentional taking of fish to occur during the next five years as research is conducted in the … Continue reading Northwest Fishery Science Center Incidental Fish Taking Approved

Premerger Wait Periods Receive Early Termination

Regulations Usually businesses or persons in considerations of mergers or acquisitions that meet specified criteria, become liable to the Clayton Act, to give notice and wait for full designated period in order to complete the transaction.  This is no longer the case for over 100 transactions that were given termination of waiting periods, last Friday. … Continue reading Premerger Wait Periods Receive Early Termination

Complaints Against Lithography Machines

Regulation The International Trade Comission has received a complaint against the respondents (defending parties), Nikon Coporation of Japan, Nikon Research Corporation of America of Belmont, CA; and Nikon Precision Inc. Of Belmont, CA.  The complaint surrounds certain Lithography machines, components or systems that allegedly violate section 337 of the Tariff Act of 1930 from the … Continue reading Complaints Against Lithography Machines

Small Scale Natural Gas Export Opportunity

Regulation The Department of Energy (DOE) revised regulations today effective August 24th, to expedite receipt and processing of applications and approvals for limited volume exports of natural gas, to countries not already obliged by another trade agreement or regulation.  An emerging market was recognized in its export of small volumes of natural gas from the … Continue reading Small Scale Natural Gas Export Opportunity

China Producers Receive Countervailable Duties

Regulation Wednesday morning saw the Department of Commerce confirm an investigation request into possible countervailable duties received by Liaoning Zhongwang Group Ltd.  Lioyang Zhongwang Aluminum Profile Co. Ltd.  After a review, it was found that these producers and exporters of Aluminum extrusions, out of The People's Republic of China did receive countervailable duties. Explanation A … Continue reading China Producers Receive Countervailable Duties

Funding for A New Business

Finance Finance describes the business function, to forecast and manage funds.   A large part about being successful in Finance includes always behaving ethically and being attentive to details.  Ethics drive a company when it takes financial liability to an investor from borrowing and must act responsibly in order to preserve its right and reputation, so … Continue reading Funding for A New Business