Decision Making Tool – Fraction Value Table

Research I am often comfortable with my decisions but I research other methods of making them, to see if there is something I could incorporate to improve my process. I found a few books in the subjects of financial planning, personal well-being, and self-help that suggest a table with varying set ups. I will present…More

Target Market Focused Business Ideas

General Demographics age gender income level ethnic identity employment education level real estate position / housing situation region preferences lifestyle hobbies interests Target Markets based on Age Kids (0 – 8) This market segment is difficult as you more serving the demands of parents with the like of safe plastics use in toys and feeding…More

Annual Consumer Price Index and Inflation from July 2019

Disclaimer at bottom of page In order to achieve our financial goals, we need to remain aware of the business cycle. Many trends will start and end, but will be difficult to track and be prepared for. Trends could also be localized to a different region, skill or trade. The business cycle is cyclic and…More

Develop A Career Plan

A career plan helps to develop and manage one’s employment experiences to be in alignment with goals and preferences. This article will be of most help to those in pre-college education or those looking to update their employment strategies. Know your Values and Interests One needs to take a larger review of what is desirable…More

Important 2019 Tax Law Changes

April 15, 2019 will be the deadline for most filers, not filing an extension. Many Tax payers were puzzled as they heard of certain changes they could not benefit yet. The reason to this, comes from certain changes going into effect immediately and others beginning their impact on tax payers after 2018 or for the…More

Business Ideas For Trade With Mexico

Premise There is so much opportunity for business with Mexico.  NAFTA is an agreement that did bring many benefits to Canada and Mexico.  Risk of change can eliminate some reduced tariffs on items imported from these countries.  What items can you import and where could you go to see import fees? Disclaimer Please make sure…More

Business Ideas From Retailers

Premise Being a retailer of so many SKU’s is hard work that requires mamy employees with combined afforts.  To be successful in Business does not mean you have to be a retailer and be able to sell hundreds of thousands of SKU’s very well; if you are a producer, you only have to be very…More

Production Processes

The Essentials The essentials to the production process include: capital, land, and organization.  Form Utility is the value producers produce materials in the creation of goods and services.  Manufactures take raw materials and change into a final products.  Service providers provide services to patrons.  Production processes have three requirements: Build and Deliver products in response…More

Business Ideas From The Mall

Premise So we thought, a good place to find business ideas would be to look at where the most successful collection of shops are in one place.  The malls in the U.S. take on some impressive volume of customers everyday.  They are definitely up there as one the most competitive environments for businesses. Most malls…More

Quick Business Idea Sheet

How To Use the Sheet Business Idea Quick Sheet Value Proposition – Goods Services Production Retail You should choose how your business will propose value.  Do you provide a good, service, product, retail, or offer online?  If you have an idea for an app or a game, you would choose  online product or online service. …More