Franchise Business Ideas

Franchise Business Opportunities Franchises are a great option for entrepreneurs, for about a similar amount of capital and paperwork as a start up; you can skip the hard startup phase, and come in swinging with some competitive advantages. Somethings to keep in mind before you consider franchises. They have an initial fee for accepting an…More

Hardware Store Business Ideas

Premise The hardware store sells so many tools to change and maintain a house or property.  They provide so much home improvment items that our small team was inspired for small business ideas that we ended up making a list of all the entrepreneurial opportunity available, you could make a service around these topics buy…More

Business Ideas From A Phone Book

Legend Business Outline PDF Disclaimer Please do not consider this an all inclusive resource.  Please make sure you are abiding by all accounting, legal, Federal, State and local regulations before commencing business operations. Phonebooks Before the internet, the phonebook was the way to find information on where, what and any contact info for a business…More

Business Ideas From T.V. Shows

Premise Streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and others have changed the way we watch “television” today.  As you watch your favorite shows you might not have noticed all the small business ideas nestled in each show.  As I was watching some of these shows, I started to pick the ideas out in each episode,…More

Business Ideas From Tariff Investigations

Disclaimer Please make sure you comply with all Federal, State, Local, Agency, Financial, Legal and Commercial regulations before commencing business operations.  Please consult and comply with all Agency (including EPA) Regulations before commencing commercial activity with any chemicals.  We are not responsible for loss stemming from your negligence to follow regulations, or establish safe work…More

Interest Focused Business Ideas

Focus We have compiled a list of interests, then we offer at least three business ideas that could focus on these interests. Interest (examples of current leaders in subject area) Ideas for business offering Disclaimer Please do not consider this an all inclusive resource.  Please make sure you are following all accounting, legal, Federal, State…More