Merchandise Plan

Merchandise Planning (Demand and Inventory Management) is the act of observing the actual and planned amounts of Inventory and Sales to create efficiency, in supplying demand.More

Strategic Supply Chain Management

Finding Supply Chain solutions to enhance the viability with your business is crucial first begin by observing the business as a consolidated supply chain. Here are a basic outline.

Value Creation

Value Creation can occur out of any situation for multiple parties benefit. Read this growing observation of how value has been created already, and think about how you could create value with your prospective venture.More

Marketing Philosophies

You have your store set up and your products or services are being sold, but are your customers satisfied?  Could you provide excellent customer service in such a brute force manner, that it deters scams, or convinces customers to be easy on their review? My friend who sold on Amazon, is currently at 98% satisfactory…More

Pricing Strategies

    Focused Pricing Strategy is when we outline a strategy that drives pricing decisions towards completion of a goal. To start you need to take four steps… Estimate Demand, Costs, and Profits Establish Pricing Goals Develop a Strategy Further Develop According to Pricing Principles Estimate Demand, Costs, and Profits with research.  How much has…More

Herzberg’s Motivating Factors

Herzberg’s motivating factors highlights a strategy in managerial theory, where the focus is on how the workplace can be designed to increase employee engagement. It assumes productivity is related to intrinsic human emotion and behavior.More

Determining Human Resource Needs

Human Resource needs begins with taking inventory of employees. If you are stuck trying to find a business to start or a job with responsibilities that you enjoy; using this human resource technique can provide some insight.  Read about the process and come up with ideas of how you would take action following this perspective.…More

Foreign Currency in 2017

Disclaimer:  Please do not consider this a full and all inclusive resource.  Please conduct your own further research.  I am not responsible for any gain or lost you incur and I am not recommending investment.  I have no investments in foreign currency at this time. Large Political and Economical Policies have a heavy influence on…More

How To Check A $100 Bill?

I have been a teller at a bank for a year and a half now. There are a few ways one can check a $100 bill. Watermark Counterfeit marker test U.V. light test Texture (newer bills) Manual / Visual examination of bill Machine Test The most well known is a water mark test. This is…More